Taking the kids to the farm

Earlier this week one of my best friends in the world, Adam, offered to take my little crew at The Burrow out to his family farm, field-trip style for the kids. They just got in a bunch of baby chicks, all the sheep had twins so there were a lot of those, and young (but not baby) cows.

I babysit my niece and nephew during the day and this was an ideal outing to entertain them. What followed was an excess of cuteness.

I couldn’t pass up a photo opportunity. They’re all so cute!
It was an overcast day, and a bit nippy so the boys both got to wear their striped sweaters. Ramius kept trying to pull the hood up on his (there isn’t one). And didn’t get into the spirit as much as the others did. He didn’t like the chicken coop, while his cousin Aiden had to be removed under protest.

Aiden has always loved animals, and he particularly loved the cows. The baby sheep were talking very loudly, and it took him a few minutes to warm up to them.


This picture pretty much says it all.

And by the way, that lamb Adam’s holding is SO DONE.


He’s just done.


Adam’s family farm is almost a piece of perfection on earth…I can see why their whole family loves working there.


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