The Childish Importance of Fun

Ya know, something I didn’t really expect when I became a mom was how much of an actual priority fun would be. I’d had a running list in my head going, food, juice, diapers, clothes, and toys, not fun, just toys.

It didn’t occur to me until the other day, when my two year old son Aiden and I were walking to the park to take some pictures. We took a short-cut down a small, grassy hill, and we both ran down it screaming like idiots.

The thought crossed my mind as a couple of cars drove by, Aiden was already at the bottom of the hill so all they saw as they passed behind us was a plus sized twenty two year old screaming “Wee!”. A truly humiliating spectacle under different circumstances, and I didn’t care in the least. We kept screaming and laughing.

And for a moment I felt like a babysitter more than a mom. Because for that one moment I was just focused on making him smile in a way so totally separate from that “mom” box in my head. I got caught in a mini brain crisis, which ended really quickly when we crossed the street and he tried to go all by his 2 year old self.

Maybe it was imagining what the people in the car were seeing that gave me that moment outside myself. Maybe it was an extra special laugh or something. I don’t really know what was so special about that moment though. That was at least the third time that week we’d done that exact same thing without giving it any more thought. So, maybe there was nothing special about it except that I thought it was.

I realized how important it was to me that every ordinary moment could be fun. I stepped outside of myself and saw for just a moment a way I’d been thinking without even realizing it.

So I suppose there’s another thing to put on the priorities list. Food&juice, diapers, fun, clothes, and toys. And yeah, Toys are at the bottom because I don’t care how good Legos are for his motor skills they really hurt to step on. Even the big ones. Just give him the box.


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