15-Minute Dinner “Momma’s Ramen Stir-fry”

My mom spent the better part of her life, and most of mine, a cook, or a baker, and occasionally a waitress. Your first impression would be to assume she made amazing food. And she did…but not always at home. Mom would go all out on holidays and special occasions, but a strange thing happens when you work with food all damn day…when you get home you don’t want to cook.

Since my dad isn’t the best in the kitchen (he’s king of hamburger helper and leftovers) and my sister never had much interest in the “arts of home economics” (I love you, but I’m right and you know it.) and I still haven’t mastered the art of making a meal without also making a tornado style mess, mom was still left to doing the cooking.

Mom became the master of “30 minute meals” that slowly got edged down from 30, to 20, to 15 minute meals. One of my favorites to this day is my mom’s ramen-stir fry. And by stir fry, I mean we cook it in a wok.

Serves 4-5

3 diced raw chicken breasts

1 head of broccoli

3 green onions

4 large carrots

1 can of water chestnuts

1 large onion

4 cloves garlic (or, my shortcut just buy the minced stuff in the jar OR THE SQUEEZE BOTTLE)

squeeze ginger (see they make this stuff too!)

Italian salad dressing

soy sauce

and a pack of chicken ramen


Slice the vegetables into bite sized bits and set aside

Heat the wok over a medium high heat and use the Italian dressing as your “food lube”. Once the pan is hot, throw in the chicken bits. Coat with more Italian dressing.

In another pan put 2 c water on to boil.

Brown the chicken, cooking it pretty much all the way through. Remove from the wok.

Put the sliced onions, carrots, and garlic into the wok and stir until the onions begin to sweat. Throw in the broccoli, and the water chestnuts. Add some soy sauce and ginger.

When the water boils throw in the noodles, put the MSG pack aside for seasoning in the stir fry if you want, or for something else later. Let them get to just this side of chewey.

Once the vegetables start to cook down throw the chicken back in. Pile the noodles on top, and splash in a few tablespoons of the water. Add more soy sauce and ginger as needed, and salt and pepper to taste.

Remove from heat, serve, and mow!




Hey guys, I know it’s not special, but it’s a perfect easy-fix week night meal. You can even short cut it by buying pre-packaged veggies. They have snap peas in them a lot and those are a great substitution too.


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