We Haven’t Been Shopping Pasta

With the mild renovations we went through last month, and the packing and unpacking, grocery shopping took a bit of a hit. And while the two year old had a ready supply of applesauce, carrots, and Chef Boyardee…the adults were a little bit out of luck on that front.

So we got creative…

A couple weeks ago we had this recipe I’m dubbing “Bottom of the Barrel Pasta”. Noah and I were hungry so I threw open the pantry and got inventing.

I started a pot full of salted water and pulled out our jar of bow tie pasta (yeah, I keep my pasta in apothecary jars big woop wanna fight about it?) and got that going.

Then, I got a tablespoon of butter melting in my trusty kinda rusty cast iron skillet, then threw in about a quarter cup of flour to make up my roux. I prefer to season my roux instead of the sauce because I like my spices to cook into the source of the sauce. So in went a glob of minced garlic from a jar, a splurt of ginger from the squeeze tube, black pepper, dehydrated onions, red pepper flakes, and a touch of salt.

My family is not a “stock” or “bullion” family. We like bases. The only real difference between a bullion and a base is that base is scoopable and doesn’t remind me of sawdust.

So in went a tablespoon or so of mushroom base in too. Before that started to burn (because it will( I poured about two cups of milk in, dumped in a drained can of carrots, and the fresh mushrooms leftover from homemade pizza night.

I turned the heat down and left it to simmer while I brought a pot of salted water to boil.

By  the time the bow-ties are just shy of being done the sauce will just about be ready.

What I’m trying to communicate is that you’re almost done here.

Take a little of the pasta water and loosen up the sauce with it. Then drain the pasta and throw it in with the sauce.

This part is optional, but it didn’t disappoint, I fried up a few pieces of bacon and crumbled it on top with some garden basil. Garden basil is the best.


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