Tiny House – A new daydream

I’m remarkably not well traveled. It’s something I’ve wished to change about my life for about as long as I’ve lived in it. But unfortunately, travel requires more capital and time than I’ve ever had.

Like most people in their twenties anymore I’m bagged down by debt, underemployed. Add to that I’m a mom, and almost all my family lives within a fifteen minute walk from me. I’ve never been on a plane, and it was only last month that I’ve had  a reason to be driving more than three hours in one direction.

So I dream. Travel sounds lovely, but how would I manage it?

As usual for me, TV answered the question. An ad for a “Tiny House” show came on and inspiration was born. Now I watch it every chance I get and pretend Noah and I are in the process of building one to take time off from our lives and the careers we have barely started.



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