Greener Grasses

I’ve noticed that I tend to be a “other grass” kind of person. Not necessarily in the way of “if I could just achieve this thing I’d never be unhappy again”–I’m not that dumb.

It’s mostly about the weather. The solstice was the 20th of June, and since then, since true summer began I became truly obsessed with winter. Seriously, the holidays are just now coming up and I have been planning since JUNE people.

Since. June.

And I know once the glow of the holidays wears off after the second of January, I’m going to start pining again for summer. Really, about the second week of January, I start buying up seeds and planting them in egg shells and trying to make it be Summer in my home again.

Grass to me is always greenest in the spring and the fall…and by green I mean mud, and I’m fine with that.


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