I’m a Professional!

I’m a professional writer now guys! I’m a freelancer! I started doing freelance work a couple weeks ago and I’m already a full blown workaholic.

I get most of my clients through UpWork.com, I do mostly copy writing and blog writing. It’s really fun learning about all the different things my clients are having me write about. I’ve learned about SEO, and how to write in it…which is something I’m turning out to be awesome at. (If I say so myself).

I’m far from making a living at this, but I’m not slowing down until I do! I’ve got a fairly reasonable goal fo earning $600 a month by the end of June. And this is across the board work, so it counts my photography work as well.

I’m really excited to see where all this goes. it’s a path I’ve only ever considered from a distance–my hesitation was always from “Why would anybody want to hire me?” I’ve been unemployed for over a year, and no luck on finding a combination of babysitter+employer so…my expectations are low. But people did hire me! And they keep doing it! It’s awesome!


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