a farewell to Bisquick

Growing up, and up until now in my adult life–I’ve been a big fan of America’s favorite Pancake Mix. I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t find the bright yellow box nestled in the pantry. But recently…*sigh* Bisquick betrayed me.

My mom gave me her extra box of Bisquick, and then after ruining my chicken n’ dumplings, and 2 batches of pancakes I realized finally that I wasn’t screwing it up. The Bisquick didn’t have any baking soda in this box.

So. Betrayed.


But, it forced me to admit that I was using Bisquick as a crutch, not a cheat like when I use cake mixes in a box. I admit that that’s a cheat, but I like to doctor them up and do have good recipes for special occasions. Don’t ever use a box mix for a 3d cake, they’re too soft.

But Bisquick was my crutch for pancakes, waffles, banana bread, dumplings, and biscuits. Everyone else claims to be doing these from scratch, and I’m cheating.

So I pulled out the single most trusted cookbook I’ve ever used. The Betty Crocker Cookbook. Seriously, 90% of my recipes have started from this book. Before I share them with others I change them p here and there, but her recipes and tips always get me to the right spot. That’s because the Betty Crocker Brand love simplicity, and so do I.

So far I’ve made delicious pancakes from scratch, and banana bread that wasn’t as great. I think I’ve got some changes to make to that recipe before I make it as delicious as I like it.


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