Tea Party

Even when i was a little girl I loved tea parties. I remember my first tea set, it was plastic, and the cups changed their color when they got wet. My niece has it now and it’s stained the glittery ink that it turned. By the time I was eight I’d graduated to my very own real china set.

To call it a set though is a misnomer, and probably an insult to expensive tea sets everywhere. Two cups and saucers matched, but that was about it. they all had an antiquey / retro feel, and I thought and still think they’re perfect.

I still don’t care so much for hot tea, but I still love tea parties. So it was no surprise that last November (Yeah, that’s how behind I am in my blogging!) when my grandma said she wanted to have a tea party for some of my younger cousins, I…sorta took it over. Not gonna lie.

She handed me a $20 for “whatever was needed”, and I already had a pretty strong collection of tea party supplies…All designed for adults and not five year olds. So the tea party grew in seriousness every day.

The menu included cucumber sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate dipped spoons, hot chocolate in place of tea, marshmallows for sugar cubes, pickled beets and hard boiled eggs. The girls just loved it. The two five year olds had a blast, and the older girls were delighted at being treated their age.

I’ve already got a pinterest page for this years, we’re aiming for a springtime garden tea party! I’m thinking I’m going to add “tea party planner” to the services RattledUp enterprises offers. 


The Art and Intimacy

Vine charcoal on crisp white paper. Even the soft scraping of the mineral on the paper sends thrills of anticipation up and down my spine. Some things in life are blatantly intimate. Medical test results, your underwear, a kiss between a woman and her mate. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to put the relationship between an artist and her canvas on this list.

Especially this art. A larger than life portrait of my Noah.

To be blunt, Noah is not usually a photogenic man. He tenses up and his usually relaxed demeanor rarely shows through. His face requires motion to bring it to life. Most photos I take of him are full of scowls or awkwardness. So forget him ever sitting still long enough to draw him from life.






Behold, my favorite photo of him. I see that look in his eyes at least a dozen times a day. So it’s probably my favorite face too.

But I don’t think the intimacy of the moment between me, the charcoal, and the paper was all due to the face. When I started the drawing it was 10:30PM and everyone else in the house was sleeping soundly, the only lights on were mine, pointed at my easel.

Silence seeped in from everywhere, and the world narrowed to just me and the paper. Blowing away eraser shavings from the paper felt like a kiss.

It had been so long since the last time I’d started a serious drawing, I’d forgotten how much I loved it. And the reference picture with Noah’s eyes and his smirk staring back at me…I felt like I could just overflow.

Perhaps even sharing this with you is exposing too much intimacy, exposing more about my relationship than you need to hear…but I’m not ashamed of it, and I think more people should experience this kind of intimacy, at least once in their lives.


Throwback Photographs

This is without a doubt, one of my favorite photos ever taken. It is just a bowl of grapes, and an abandoned pack of cigarettes and a festive lighter left behind my my mother.

This is one of the first pictures I ever took with a camera that was genuinely mine. It was a Nikon Coolpix, though the exact model I can’t remember. It was stolen a long time ago.

It’s not the best picture ever taken. It’s probably not the best picture I’ve ever taken. But I took it, and seven years later I still love it.

I took it on a Christmas afternoon, after we’d opened presents, had our brunch, and I’d already discarded the manual in favor of just pushing every single button. (Some technical knowledge would probably be beneficial to me still, my camera has gotten a lot more complicated since then, and I haven’t even pressed half the buttons.)

I snapped the photo and was blown away by the quality. This was *hot stuff* for me. And I mean, I was probably twelve. This was one of the first images that drew me deeper and deeper into the photography hole.

And I just like sharing that.

Making A Painting, The Beginning

So, I have this huge blank white wall.

I dislike it.

After having grown up in a house where every wall had a massive painting on it, blank-ness bothers me a tad. So, when I last visited home, I tried to talk my dad into giving me one of his. Unfortunately, my favorites…happened to co-incide with the ones that had won blue ribbons in the county fair. Ha. Basically yeah, he didn’t let me take them.

What he did give me though, was a board. 30″X33″. 2.5X2.75 feet. Exactly 990 square inches.

A fair size to cover the blankness of the wall without using dozens and dozens of photos and making it look crowded.

A big enough size to make the prospect of painting it daunting enough to make me want to say…Pass. It brings up a long list of “what do I do…what do I do?!!!” And makes me question things.

I really haven’t studied painting, I took art classes in high school and for a few minutes I was accompanying my Art History major with an Art minor, so I have done some painting. I’m not terrible, but I’m not particularly *good* either. So why am I painting? Why don’t I do a drawing, or buy a print like they have at JoAnn’s? I have no idea. Truthfully, yes I know why. I wouldn’t spend money on a lot of the things I saw there, and the things I would spend money on (the really well crafted *real wood and such*) don’t fit with the vision for my apartment.

This leaves me with a predicament. What the crap am I supposed to paint?!

I have a few ideas, but they’re…Nothing seems quite worthy of the size. Not just the size, but this is going to be a major focal point in my living room. Doing a portrait is out, because a 990 square inch portrait of someone(s) can’t do anything but inflate ego. And do I really want a person watching me all the time? Might as well just paint a giant pair of eyes and spell out “OBEY” underneath it.

What do I have in my head, in my heart/soul, that is worth that much space? I really have no idea.

~Sigh~ This one is going to be a challenge. If I accept the definition of writers block as lined out by one of my friends, “writers block is knowing what you want to write but being too afraid to say it.” Can I apply this to painting? I can’t use my writers block technique on this, when the words I’m afraid to write won’t come to me, I just open up my notebook/word document/diary, and just write until I start to feel things and go with that until I have something.

How do you do that with a painting? Just grab paint and go at the board until something appears? I doubt it. My paint is precious, I have a finite amount, and a LOT of board to cover.

Stay tuned, I’m going to come to terms with this puddle of unpleasant feelings and make a great painting for my wall!

Quick Heads Up

Hey everyone! Just a quick heads up on what you can expect from me in the coming week!

More things to do with Potatoes! Though I haven’t decided all what yet.

Some homemade recipes, (things you would usually buy pre-made that you can make at home)

A pie recipe that has won me multiple awards

I’m going to make a dress

Start making a quilt

Begin my painting

Do some interesting DIY things with my apartment

Share some of my “How to take Stock Photo” research

And maybe design a mask or two!

Oh, also expect a review of the Borderlands 2 new expansion. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep. Noah and I started playing it already and it’s AWESOME.

I may do another video blog with Noah making something. Or I might just get him to take some photos with me.

Living where you live

Alright, so, I’ll fess up. I’ve been living in this area is now closer to being a year than not. Approximately 9 months now. Although this area consists of two different towns they’re connected by one busline so its pretty much all the same area to me. And the amount of time I’ve spent actually going outside and experiencing these pretty major towns is rather limited actually. But that’s college life, poor kid college life actually. Anytime I had any sort of time, I would rush home to my family. I still like to do that actually. But, I would like to get to know the place I live a bit more intimately. Treat the shops and the resturaunts like I actually live there.

So! From here on out, I’m changing things. Every other week (at least) my boyfriend and I are going to go to downtown Ann Arbor or downtown Ypsilanti in the evening and walk around and go in and out of the shops, try a new resturaunt and occasionally buy something. We’re sort of starting this week, we’re going to Olive Garden. It’s not exactly in downtown Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti, its by the Mall. But we both love it a lot. 

Right now I’m on summer break from school, and so I’m working as a temp (hopefully getting into a Summer Internship with this company ProQuest), and my boyfriend is taking classes working on getting his Culinary associates. Mixed in with the business reviews that are definitely to follow, there are going to be some “sneak peaks” at a cookbook I’m concocting from the recipes we both come up with. A lot are his, but I bake and I bake because its very specific and he cooks because its a lot more flexible.

So, brace yourselves my loyal subscribers. I’m doing things again, and coming out with a voice again. My points will be relevent and exciting! Woo!

Also, I’m going to get really excited later this month because the last DLC in the Season Pass for Borderlands 2 is coming out and I’m going to talk about Borderlands a lot. Probably later today.