Tea Party

Even when i was a little girl I loved tea parties. I remember my first tea set, it was plastic, and the cups changed their color when they got wet. My niece has it now and it’s stained the glittery ink that it turned. By the time I was eight I’d graduated to my very own real china set.

To call it a set though is a misnomer, and probably an insult to expensive tea sets everywhere. Two cups and saucers matched, but that was about it. they all had an antiquey / retro feel, and I thought and still think they’re perfect.

I still don’t care so much for hot tea, but I still love tea parties. So it was no surprise that last November (Yeah, that’s how behind I am in my blogging!) when my grandma said she wanted to have a tea party for some of my younger cousins, I…sorta took it over. Not gonna lie.

She handed me a $20 for “whatever was needed”, and I already had a pretty strong collection of tea party supplies…All designed for adults and not five year olds. So the tea party grew in seriousness every day.

The menu included cucumber sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate dipped spoons, hot chocolate in place of tea, marshmallows for sugar cubes, pickled beets and hard boiled eggs. The girls just loved it. The two five year olds had a blast, and the older girls were delighted at being treated their age.

I’ve already got a pinterest page for this years, we’re aiming for a springtime garden tea party! I’m thinking I’m going to add “tea party planner” to the services RattledUp enterprises offers. 


Throwback Photographs

This is without a doubt, one of my favorite photos ever taken. It is just a bowl of grapes, and an abandoned pack of cigarettes and a festive lighter left behind my my mother.

This is one of the first pictures I ever took with a camera that was genuinely mine. It was a Nikon Coolpix, though the exact model I can’t remember. It was stolen a long time ago.

It’s not the best picture ever taken. It’s probably not the best picture I’ve ever taken. But I took it, and seven years later I still love it.

I took it on a Christmas afternoon, after we’d opened presents, had our brunch, and I’d already discarded the manual in favor of just pushing every single button. (Some technical knowledge would probably be beneficial to me still, my camera has gotten a lot more complicated since then, and I haven’t even pressed half the buttons.)

I snapped the photo and was blown away by the quality. This was *hot stuff* for me. And I mean, I was probably twelve. This was one of the first images that drew me deeper and deeper into the photography hole.

And I just like sharing that.

Getting Dad’s to Smile in Photos

It’s something I don’t understand. My dad does it, put a part of his family in his hands and he smiles…and you know what it reaches ALL the way to his eyes!

Dear men (specifically Dads) everywhere:


It makes me want to crawl on the floor and pound my fist against the ground crying out in agony about this.

Smiling > Straight Face

After consulting my dad about it, he says its probably an evolutionary thing. Look mean, keep the wolves at bay. Which makes sense. I suppose. But then again, I’m taking your picture, not your wallet or YOUR SOUL. Relax. You’re going to look back at these photos some day and you know what the memory is going to be (for you and your child)?

“You really didn’t want to be there.”

As the photographer in the situation, it is really discouraging. I really like my photo-shoots, especially with children, to be fun. To be small little adventures for your kid. You sitting there, scowling, really kind of kills that mood. And by “really kind of” I mean 100% you’re killing it. You’re killing my ability to make this a fun experience for your kid.

So, smile, loosen up. You’re doing something special with your child, enjoy it. These things won’t be exciting for them forever. They won’t be small and cute forever.

And another thing, what about when you DIE, do you want all of your photos played at your funeral to be of some grumpy looking guy? Seriously? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be remembered by happiness. Life is best measured in smiles, and when you catch a smile on camera, it counts extra.

Trust me, the picture will come out so much better if you just relax and smile. Not every picture is a throwback to the 1800s when you had to sit there for 10 minutes and a straight face was more practical. Now it just looks way too formal and un-appealing.

Quick Heads Up

Hey everyone! Just a quick heads up on what you can expect from me in the coming week!

More things to do with Potatoes! Though I haven’t decided all what yet.

Some homemade recipes, (things you would usually buy pre-made that you can make at home)

A pie recipe that has won me multiple awards

I’m going to make a dress

Start making a quilt

Begin my painting

Do some interesting DIY things with my apartment

Share some of my “How to take Stock Photo” research

And maybe design a mask or two!

Oh, also expect a review of the Borderlands 2 new expansion. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep. Noah and I started playing it already and it’s AWESOME.

I may do another video blog with Noah making something. Or I might just get him to take some photos with me.

The Hop

So, last night I was dragged away from my lovely introvert plans (scrapbook, watch movies, clean room, homework ect.) and dragged to the college for swing dancing. The people at the college do the Lindy Hop. Which looks like this.

The Lindy Hop is something I have no idea how to do! I only know east coast, which looks something like:

So I mostly took pictures the whole night, every now and then I’d dance with someone who knew East Coast. (Mostly my friend Adam)

Look through the pictures and enjoy!

Two brothers photo shoot

Today I had the pleasure to do a photo-shoot with two of my friends, who happen to be brothers! They’re both really fun guys, and surprisingly, they volunteered for this! (I offered cupcakes on my Facebook page and they responded). I don’t usually work with guys, and so, I don’t really know how to pose them, but I don’t think we did too bad! I’m going to be working more with guys more often this year, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d be more than happy to hear them!


Just thought I’d throw in a couple pictures of my cupcakes! These are my carrot cake cupcakes (recipe to follow soon) and my pink lemonade cupcakes!