Filling the Void

So, now that I’m in the editing stages of “Curse at the Middleford Library” and I have to have and carry the physical print out of it with me everywhere I go like some sort of warped security blanket. I can’t work on it as much.

It’s a whole process to get this puppy out. It’s printed out in my inch and a half binder, with extra blank pages for when I need to insert something that wasn’t crucial to the plot so I didn’t write it on the first-go-through.

But that’s part of my process and writers-aren’t-supposed-to-discuss-their-process-shhh-I-write-the-plot-then-add-character-development-as-I-write-the-second-draft-but-I-didn’t-tell-you-that-so-shhhhh.

Doing it the mysterious way I do it gives me the time and ability to focus solely on each super important aspect. I go through and do the plot points first, which works out to be the most logical way.

But now, that my hands aren’t always grasping at a first draft, my brain is in overdrive. I’ve had more ideas in these last few weeks than I had all year.

I will point out, most of these ideas aren’t going anywhere. They’re just clever little thoughts I want to see happen but won’t ever make as great as I want their potential to be.

Except for two.

One, is a super secret project that I’m not going to talk about at all until I have access to at least a camcorder. Preferably a professional camera. And I’m still 1000 dollars, a new computer, and 4 more drafts away from that being a thing.

The other, is something I started a while ago. I’m starting a completely new process of writing with this one. I usually don’t work with note-cards, but this time I am.

I’ve so far laid down my character’s entire life. On notecards.

When I feel like I’ve made all my decisions, I’m going to sit down, put Pen to Paper and officially begin the first draft. But before that, I’m going to hang up every single one of these cards in the order the READER experiences them.

I’ll give you a brief hint of what this one is about. One sentence.

Old man with dementia, haunted by his dead wife. 


Filling the void left by actively writing is always difficult. Being able to start other projects and slowly plan while I edit really helps. But I know that’s not everybody’s jam, what do you do to ease that pain?


Exclusive Sneak Preview #2

The Curse at the Middleford Library


Phase 2 of the working title. So far I’m calling it all improvements.



“Eva, it’s making it really difficult to get everything done when you’re not shelving the books properly.”

She looked at him like he was crazy, “huh?”

“I spent four hours in the shelves today putting the books back in order before I could effectively put the books away!”

She raised an eyebrow at him, but she didn’t say anything.

“Is there a reason the books are never in the right order?”

“No, I shelve according the the Dewey Decimal System, like it says on the spine. You’re the one who must be shelving incorrectly. I shelf-read every night.”

“Well in the morning they’re out of order.”

“Don’t shelf-read tonight.”

She grabbed the cart of books that needed to be re-shelved and disappeared. Nick was really starting to piss her off. “I shelve correctly, prat.”

I am so excited to be moving forward with this project. I’ve got less than two weeks to go before I will be able to begin editing. It’s been a year, and that excites me a lot. I’ve grown a lot as a person, and as a writer, and I’m excited to see how that impacts the growth of this story.

I would like to take a moment to thank my dutiful alpha reader, Glenn Hefley. I met him on the Fiction Writers Group on Facebook. He was incredibly helpful with his comments, was as harsh as I needed and always constructive. I highly recommend popping over to his blog and checking it out, he’s actually a lot more helpful than I am!



The release date for the Curse at the Middleford Library is still set for 10/01/2015, exactly 30 days before my wedding. So brace yourself, the crazy is about to consume me!

The Deal of the Decade

So the other day, Noah and I sat down and talked about something very serious. It involved multiple years of hard work for both of us, and a lot of understanding.

I’ve been writing a lot more lately, as many of you know I recently finished a first draft of a fully fledged novella I’m hoping to independently publish in about a years time. Which is going to be frantic and hectic because I plan on releasing it almost 30 days to our decided wedding date.

Quick side bar, we decided on Halloween of next year, because Halloween next year is a Saturday. It seems just perfect.


The Mysterious Curse at the Middleford Public Library is going through alpha readers right now, and by the time I finish my (fingers crossed, knock on wood, don’t jinx it, please please please) Avon romance The Secret Duke first draft, which I’m nearing every day. I’ve got 30 chapters, and I’m half way through chapter 16.

But Noah and I sat down, and talked about how much I want to be a writer, and how hard I’ve been working on it. And we came to an agreement. I’ve got 4 to 5 years, basically until Aiden is in school. During this time, writing for me will be considered a job for me. Noah’s going to help keep me accountable, and most importantly, help more with the housework.

This deal takes me almost to the end of the decade. Might as well.

It’s the deal of the decade, and honestly, I’ve never felt more determined, and more sure that it was going to work out.

New Beginnings

So here I am again, about a month ago I completed the first draft of my manuscript. A novella temporarily titled “The Mysterious Curse at the Middleford Public Library”. And since then, I’ve moved, almost completely nearly unpacked. The kitchen and the living-room are nearly put together, the front room/study/quiet(ish) room is I’d say about 50% done. The bedroom….well….the mattress has sheets on it and Aiden’s box is set up for him to sleep in, since he won’t sleep in his bassinet anymore. (By box, by the by, it’s his play-pen.)

After I finished that manuscript, I began to outline my next adventure. It’s definitely something I’d call “Fast Food Fiction.” It’s a romance novel. The kind that you buy in supermarkets in paperback and keep in your bedroom and bathroom and not proudly displayed on your “bookshelf”.

I read a lot of those. I love them. There’s something soothing about reading a book where you know they’re going to get together in the end. It’s soothing in the same way fairy tales are. Except with more sex.

So, it took me about two weeks to plot this puppy out. I’m shooting for around 75K words, but knowing me and how I write, it’s likely going to be a LOT shorter than that. “The Mysterious Curse at the Middleford Public Library” clocked in at under 30K when I was aiming for over 50.

But with “The Secret Duke” as this new endeavor is currently titled, I outlined the entire thing ahead of time, and when I count how many pages THAT is, it comes in at exactly twenty pages of outline. I’m really excited to be experimenting with this new genre, ad hoping that I can pound a first draft out by mid September. I’m determined not to do any editing on the ghost story until I’ve got this one done.

Wish me luck!

The 10 Years of Notebooks

I recently moved again. Mostly unwillingly. But trying to keep a hold of my “sunny side” personality I sorted through all my stuff and found ten years of notebooks. Ten years worth of notes and short stories. I’m not going to lie, mostly stories. I didn’t take that many notes.

This move has accompanied a lot of awful things. It tends to go that way when your whole life is changing really radically really fast. Even if its going to end up for the better, the process sucks really hard.

To cope with the awful things, and the accompanying depression, I’m writing a lot more again. I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year, and all the stories I got from the ten years worth of notebooks I’m going to re-write and try to find a way to get a lot of them published. I have no idea how I’m going to transform some of my vampire “novellas”. They’d probably be good for middle schoolers or something…They’re not very “Twilighty” in my opinion, but I might just remove the Vampire aspect and try to make it just relationships. I have no idea.

But yeah, that’s where I’m at! I live with my parents again, trying to find a job, find a way back to school, though probably won’t be studying Art History anymore, It’s unfortunate, but it was just a means to an end, and a different undergraduate degree may prove to be more beneficial in my quest to become a librarian. Or be more beneficial in my sub/side-quest to get published. (I love writing, and even though I haven’t thought of it as a main career path in several years, I never stopped writing. There must be a reason for that right?

Ugh, I need encouragement guys.

I Will Be A Firework : A poem

I’ve been getting into poetry again, I’ve been watching a lot of spoken word poetry on youtube, and sometimes I pause them, and grab my notebook and write. This one turned more into just a giant ego trip of mine, but the words are pretty and I decided to share it with the world.


I Will Be A Firework


My thoughts are in emotions. My ideas are in pictures.

My whole brain is a mechanized master of nerves and tubes

that turn these emotions and pictures into words because my hand is just too retarded to draw them out.

I close my eyes and I see ribbons of color dancing around me.

There are so many feelings and pictures, thoughts and ideas,

words that are trapped because of my own inability to make them come out right.

You see the moon and the stars, well they see me.

They see the girl who will shine as bright as they do.

They will invite me up, envelop me in and squeeze me until I burst

like a firework across the night sky. I will become an immortal legend,

my own constellation inspiring artists and poets to come.

There will be star gazers and moon chasers following my movements for centuries.

They will be making their own place in the sky,

making their own fireworks to dance alongside mine.

Book Ten: They Say, I say

My first non-fiction book of the year. They Say, I say. Really isn’t as boring as a textbook. Which is essentially what it is. It’s a very short  very fast read about how to argue effectively in papers!

Personally, I’ve always had trouble with it, and this book is filled with templates and well written explanations that I found really useful.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have just read this book, I like to read those “how to write” books (I recently listened to “How I write” by Janet Evanovich and Ina Yalof…which was more about getting published than writing) but this is more technical than I generally enjoy. I was assigned to read this for a class, and instead of reading the books I’d enjoy.

This is a good book in the academic sense, it was helpful and informative.


10 books down…90 to go!